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Our Approach

At Village Care, we’ve adopted a proactive method of mutual workmanship where the client plays a pivotal role in the editing process. He is not the starving bystander waiting to be fed. We work for him, and the finished product MUST be his.

Our Story

Village Care is made up of a group of career educators, university professors and scholars. Our director is Dr. Ardain Isma, an essayist and editorial board member of several universities’ publications, including the NSU (Nova Southeastern University) TESOL journal. He is the Chief-Editor of CSMS Magazine, a magazine which represents the principal medium for the Center for Strategic and Multicultural Studies (CSMS), a professional organization made up of academics which aims to promote Cross-Cultural Awareness.

Here, we are committed to improving your writing not just to the acceptable LEVEL, but to the level that catches the eye at first glance. We’ve been in the editing business for over 10 years. Now, we've decided to offer our service in a more constructive fashion to a global audience.

Next Steps...

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